Saturday, January 4, 2014

UNE TERRE LOINTAINE / Dress And Frontal Ornament

Dress and Neck Ornament 

When i create , i don't try to reproduce
something that i saw , loved .
It is the materials which give the ideas.
My work is like a patchwork of things.
Then there is a part of the unconscious …..

When i had almost finished this silhouette , i really had the feeling that my brain
is like a library : sets of shelves of images in my memory. 
Why ?
Because i saw in UNE TERRE LOINTAINE the influence of the Russian traditional costumes in this work ( made with Indian fabrics and embroidery ! ) .
I took , without mistake , the book where i was sure to find a certain picture that my work reminded me

This image was the part of the unconscious , in my creation , coming from my brain library :)

UNE TERRE LOINTAINE is a silhouette consisted of :
a long dress , in a Patola ( Ikat ) silk sari 
and a Frontal Ornament

This Frontal Ornament is made with an original and amazing vintage Indian Banjara tribe
panel embroidered .
I received it from Jaipur , like that :

I transformed and embellished it respectfully.

The collar is made with a red panel in cotton , cut on a sari , 
with "petit point " embroidery .
Hand stitched with red cotton threads , black wool threads .
Ornamented with 2 sorts of vintage French Rosary wood beads -yellow- from 1930/40s

This Frontal Ornament is closed in the back with 2 vintage string finished with tassels 
from a Uzbek yurt wall decoration .
The vintage Banjara Frontal Ornament is embellished with a vintage Uzbek yurt decoration ,
embroidered with flowers and finished with wonderful tassels .

I sewn on it the vintage French Rosary wood beads from 1930/40s .

The bottom of the sleeves are embroidered with black wool threads and the Rosary beads .

On the bottom dress red part , black stars embroidered with wool threads .
Details Frontal Ornament :

Sometimes marking , irregularities or imperfect embroideries , condition , maybe apparent.
This should not be considered as imperfection and are the characteristic of vintage materials.
Colors and light may vary depending on your screen.

Thank you for your visit and interest
Jenny Eve