Sunday, March 30, 2014


I think the perfect elegance was in the 1920s / 1930s .
This allure was sublimed in photographies .
I love especially the images took by the two famous photographers from this period :
Edward Steichen and Hoyningen-Huene .




For my next creation , i want to try to create a silhouette with this elegant " mood "
A garment seeming to come from one of these old sublime pictures …
Perhaps it is a pretentious idea , but one thing is sure : it is an exigent idea concerning the realization.
This silhouette needs to be like a precious jewel !

I'm working on it , with a start not easy : i was not satisfied with the beaded work , i took away all the work made even if it was many hours gone , to continue differently . 
At present , the "track" is there , i have to continue to build it …. in the good direction .

The Work In Progress :
The silhouette is composed with a veil silk draped and embroidered : paisleys appliqués from  Indian sari embroidered with gold metallic threads .
Hand stitched with black vintage rayon threads , beaded with vintage faceted black glass beads & pale pink and mauve beads from 1950s , aluminum beads from 1940s .

The elegant veil silk embroidered is transparent …
During many days , the same question in my head :
What sort of "under dress" can i make , without breaking this elegance and with a 1930s "mood"?
What sort of fabric can i use ? 
Thinking , trying …… frustration .
And yesterday , very late in the night , i looked in my precious black laces ( from the end of the 19th century ) when i find something , bought some years ago to transform it . But never it was the good moment , the good ideas . This "Old Lady" was forgotten .

This "Old Lady" forgotten is an handmade dress in silk ( lace and crepe ) . cut in the bias .
"She" is from 1930s , very representative from this period .

I had the solution between my hands , it was an evidence ! 
When i tried them together , my view was confirmed : they will match perfectly after some modifications on the 1930s dress

I cannot write more concerning what will be the model evolution ….. I don't know yet .
It will be built with many exigence and reflections , to arrive to create this jewel that i have in my mind .


Working on the veil dress :


an ant work ! So many needle points …...

At present , time to work on the 1930s dress .
Necessary to transform the sleeves . A very delicate work , totally hand made .

At present they match very well …. i feel i'm on the right way .

The back will be in veil draped

The final touch , to embroider the back neck tie with the vintage rosary beads .
I forgot to take pictures " work in progress" , but the result is :

To see all the pictures from the silhouette finished , you can click on this link :

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