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Once upon a time ….. My Imaginary Coquelicot Land , An Ode To Springtime

A Dress & A Sleeveless Jacket 
Pieces Uniques
200 hours, hand-sewn and hand embroidery work, were necessary to make them .

Turkestan , literally "Land of the Turks" refers to the general area that now comprises the five countries of Central Asia : Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Tajikistan , Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
In an area half the size of the United States , where the mountains are among the most rugged in the world and the windswept steppes bloom briefly in the spring with scarlet poppies , where deserts cover 60 percent of the land and the oases once seemed like paradise on earth , it is no wonder that the people of Turkestan craved color and pattern .
Red was the favorite color , and it can be seen everywhere in the culture .
The Central Asian people's love of red and other brightly colored fabrics .

Text credit : Susan Meller / Book Russian Textiles : Printed cloth for the bazaars of Central Asia 


Some month ago , i purchased on internet , in Uzbekistan , a bright satin silk Chapan , a beautiful raspberry red , entirely machine-embroidered , from 1960s/70s. 
This typical model from southern Uzbekistan is a wedding robe .
I have some of them , that i wear , but this purchase was commissioned by a customer , to transform , to embellish it , with my "Jevda touch" 
When i received it , i saw the sleeves was modified , badly .
And i know that it will be a problem to solve ……

After soon six months sleep , time to give to it a new life .
When i took away the sleeves , i saw the irreversible damages made on the model . 
What can i do ? I tried different solutions , without satisfaction .
After 3 days  "turning" regularly around it , without results , I plucked up my courage , with the scissors I cut it and started the transformation ...

During these days , i remembered this poppies story in the Susan Meller's book .
I gave to it this name : Coquelicot

Changing my mind : no mother pearl buttons , but in metal :

But Coquelicot is not only this sleeveless embroidered jacket , it is also a dress ,
with a bolero corsage , a patchwork of vintage silks , full of flowers printed , embroidered :
my imaginary poppies land , my ode to springtime

The bolero corsage :

Patchwork and embroideries finished , time to sew this bolero :

The dress :

Ready to go to Kuwait City :

Thank you for your visit and interest.
I hope you enjoyed this Coquelicot , Ode To Springtime

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