Thursday, June 9, 2016


Long Embroidered Dress
Archive Work July 2014

Piece Unique

This dress was quite complex to create , to arrive to find a harmony and the good match between
all these different fabrics , embroidery , textures , colors .
I didn't want a chaotic result ! I enjoyed to create "her" , even if at the same time i was worried to make mistake with all these associations when i built it , as a painting .
I worked as an ant :)

Patchwork of different vintage recycled silks , different burgundy shades , cream, purple , dark orange , patterns flowers , patola ( ikat ) 
Embroidered with silk threads , small mirrors  , fringes 

....... my own embroidery on the front , with 2 different purple wool threads , 
small balls of wool curry , burgundy , cream .
Vintage Afghan dome buttons.

Sleeves are lined with dark orange .
We find this same fabric on the back dress , and in the front , embroidered with flowers.

The patchwork around the neckline , continue in the back .
This patchwork is hand stitched.

Patchwork around the neckline , hand stitched and embroidered with wool.

Under the embroidered part , an ornament
made with.....

....... rayon tassels 4" long , dark brown and curry.
4 vintage Aghan pendant , pale gold .
They come from a necklace i bought 20 years ago , in Paris .
The necklace was vintage at this period too .

Inside the dress , a Patola (ikat) silk fabric , to cover the back side of the wool embroidery ,
lining in dark orange fabric for the purple embroidered silk used for the sleeves and the bottom of the dress . All hand stitched . The hems too .

Here , the dress with the frontal ornament / necklace
Gengis Khan

Free Size
Length of the dress :
front the more short : approx 52"
side :  approx 54'
total length sleeves : approx 52"

"her" name , La Légende De Surami , comes from a film made by my favorite movie director , the master Serguei Paradjanov " The Legend Of The Surami Fortress " .
The Serguei Paradjanov's movies are an eternal inspiration for me ……

Some days ago , i got as present birthday , a fantastic book / catalogue exhibition concerning the life and the art , collages , dolls , films made by the fabulous Serguei Paradjanov .

I wanted this book for long time , at present I have to find time to read it !

Thank you for your visit and interest .

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