Tuesday, October 28, 2014


A new shawl ( without name for the moment )
for Randy
Proposition fabrics / colors

What wools can i use ?

The decision . But it can happen during the creative embroidery process , i have to add some other colors touches 

Here , the colors for the fringes : One side purple , one side burgundy .

The wonderful vintage sari i propose to use as "fabric base".
I love it many . It is in my sari collection for some years .
I think the time has come for me to use it ….

Details embroidery :

These beaded embroideries come from another sari .
They will be embroider with wool on the shawl .

The proposition for the lining is this organza , burgundy / orange / yellow.
But the lining can be in dark brown soft and very warm mohair .
Randy , you decide what you prefer .

This proposition is the material base elements for the creation .

Randy , i hope you like this proposition .
If you agree with it , i'm sure i will enjoy to create this shawl with this palette of colors on this beautiful  silk 

Jenny Eve