Thursday, August 20, 2015


Frontal Ornament / Necklace

Inspired by the French candy Berlingot
The first Berlingot was created in the south of France , in the city Carpentras , in .... 1844.
Sugar , Fruits , very hard and delicious .
It was the candy that I can find and eat at my grandmother house .

Vintage tapestry canevas 1960s/70s , 
vintage turquoise and pale gold damask silk, flower motifs embroidered with yellow and pink threads  The lining is made in the same silk.
Multicolor wools braided with lamp work glass beads on the top .
Fringes made in wool threads knotted with lampwork glass beads from India , the others are made with colorful wood beads
 Closed by vintage silk ribbons from 1940s , hand dyed with turmeric and tea .
Of course , TOTALLY HAND MADE , all is hand-stitched . Many hours / days to realize it . 
This necklace is comfortable to wear : between the front and the lining , i use felt , to give its shape and thickness

Purchased by Sue Kreitman

DIMENSIONS : back of the neck to bottom tapestry : 12 " // 30 cm
FRINGES approx between : 6" to 10" // 15 cm to 25 cm
From back to the neck to the end of fringes between 22" // 56 cm 


The final step :the both sides are hand-stitched together 

colors and light may vary depending on your screen computer.
Sometimes marking , irregularities or imperfect embroideries , condition , maybe apparent .
This should not be considered as imperfection and are the characteristic of vintage materials.

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