Friday, September 4, 2015

1997 ..... ANOTHER LIFE

Today is my daughter's birthday .

 4Th September is a special date for me since 23 years .
I don't have nostalgia but each time at this period many souvenirs from my other life come in my mind. 
I finished this chapter many years ago .
I preserved only 3 things from this other creative life :
Art Books
My 2 vintage Massaï Necklaces ( bought in London in 1993 )
An English Times Magazine .
From Mars 1998 .

The journalist and the photographer were during 3 days in our home , in 1997 , to make this reportage. 

Today , i wanted to see one more time this publication .
After some investigations , i found the magazine in one of my black box for loved images.

Welcome in my memories day