Saturday, June 11, 2016

LE JARDIN DES FÉES / Hand Embroidered Coat

Archives Work January 2014

Piece Unique

130 hours were necessary to make this embroidered coat .

At the start ....

LE JARDIN DES FÉES is hand stitched , hand embroidered ...

..... with vintage French glass beads , used to make Rosary in the 1930s/50s .
Yellow , Orange , Purple , Pale Blue , Bronze colors.

Some other vintage beads for rosary, in wood , colored deep orange / red, are from 1930s

Total quantity beads hand embroidered on the coat : 3174

The fabric is a sari in silk satin , a bright green color , embroidered with silk and metallic threads in copper / orange shades

I hand embroidered with wool threads a fantasy garden for fairies

A person asked to me why i don't embroidered it with silk thread .
Because i like the contrast between a precious and delicate texture like the silk sari and something more "rustic" like the wool threads .
It is an interesting combination .

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