Friday, September 9, 2016


Textures  for a Caftan
Proposition 1

Tekke Turkmen Woman's Coats, Central Asia early 20th Century ( black ) , ca 1940s ( red ) / Silks
Wedding Stole "Phulakiya Ludaki" ,  Vaghadia Rabari tribe , Kutch , Gujarat , India / Wools

Up cycled satin silk embroidered with big flower .

I cut it to incorporate it on the base fabric : the wool from the Rabari Stole

 The embroidered part from the Rabari stole will be on the caftan's back, bottom.

The 2 necklines embroidered from the Tekke Coat.
The 2 models were very damaged , because their old ages : the black was more 100 years old , the red was an old lady close to 80 years old , the silks was broken . Fortunately the magnificent embroideries are in perfect conditions .

I will use the red as collar / neckline for the caftan.
The black neckline is reserved for another Caftan Proposition.

Suite as soon as possible , when I have natural light to take pictures !
Autumn light , which mean no light , grey everywhere , in this second summer day 2016 .
I cannot take correct pictures of my work in these conditions, I hate the artificial lights.
I am a quite maniac with the photographs .....

The lining : It will be a silk ....

The base work .
It will be ornamented with rustic wool embroideries , coin , amulets , tassels , etc .......

The xxl flower is fixed / quoted by hundred needle points .
Colors threads : red / pink / orange / green

Suite .....

Front work in progress :

Thank you for your visit

Jenny Eve