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Piece Unique / a set jacket and cocoon scarf 
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A vintage Japanese Haori , silk jacket , color Indigo , with rectangles motifs by Shibori ( Tie & Dye ) , from the last part of the Showa period (1960s /1970s ) and a Chrysalis a cocoon scarf , hand made by me with up-cycled silk woven, in grey / blue shades

Worn , the front length is approx yard 1.35 / meter 1,24
CHRYSALIS is made with approx yards 4.59 / meters 4,20
Hand wash in cold water with liquid soap . I hand wash all my vintage silks before to give to them another life . To iron with steam .

CHRYSALIS is a very long and wide cocoon scarf / hood , an oversize chunky infinity scarf , to be different and unique .
​A luxury accessory , ​protective , elegant , ethereal , soft​ , cosy​ , bright and one of a kind ​, hand made in vintage / upcycled silk​.
CHRYSALIS can be worn as a statement scarf and a hood at the same time.
The silk around the neck is large , if you twist it on the neck , it will cover it completely.

Sleeve to Sleeve : 49.6 inch / 126cm , which means 3/4 sleeves
Length : 31.5 inch / 80 cm
Width : 45.2 inch / 115 cm
Sleeve length: 17.7 inch / 45 cm 
Lining in silk , classic traditional Japanese pattern , fan and cherry tree .
Cleaning instruction : dry cleaning . To iron with steam .

The Haori is a traditional Japanese jacket which is worn over the kimono by men and women to go outside.
The word Haori "Folded Wing", is so realistic! Although not knowing this meaning, first time when I wore a Haori with long Kimono style sleeves, when I moved my arms, I had the impression to see outspread wings. My Haori was purple, with big pink and red flowers, I compared it with a magnificent tropical butterfly. This image of the butterfly, I linked it with the protective cocoon which we need and the chrysalis in its cocoon, lends to be transformed into butterfly. That is how the Chrysalid scarves were born . Every silhouette ( Jacket and scarf ) has a name of butterfly .

Because we are Western, we don't get dressed with several kimonos recovering our body .I wanted to keep the idea of superposition of clothes in the way of wearing Haori and Michiyuki. Also to show if in spring summer period we can wear them as light jackets, in autumn winter we can also wear them, superposed on a coat.For me, a symbol of allure , a timeless "basic chic" of the Western fashion, it is the trench coat. Everybody should have a trench coat in their wardrobe ! That's why I photographed all these jackets with their Chrysalis scarf, on a trench coat . The trench coat is a classic of our Western fashion, Haori and Michiyuki are a part of the Japanese culture, I bring them together and I mix them with India ( the Chrysalis scarves fabrics ), to create journeys, imaginary meetings, across the wings of the butterflies.
To show that in winter we can wrap ourselves up in something else than a formless parka looking like a garbage bag , that we can superpose various wonderful clothes to be warm in a protective cocoon and become as a Russian doll Matriochka, while keeping the elegance of the fabrics , motifs and the colors . Between the Russian doll superposition and the parka / garbage bag, I have no hesitation...

Price 275 USD + worldwide registered shipping with tracking number 25 USD
Installment payments are possible, don't hesitate to ask to me and we can plan what is the best for you

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Colors and Light may vary depending your screen.
Sometimes marking , irregularities or imperfect embroideries / colors , condition maybe apparent .
This should not be considered as imperfection and are the characteristic of vintage materials and craft method of dyeing

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