Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I needed to change the wall where I take the photos , to show the garments and accessories.
A big transformation who occupied me during one week.
I wanted to create a floral fantasy wall.
To remember the flowers and the blue , the green from the South of France during the spring .
To bring back them in the grayish Sweden .

At the start , the wall was like that : 

At present it is like that : 

Before to arrive at this result .......
1 / Grey painting

2 / green turquoise

3 / blue turquoise

wall ...... in progress ..... 

After the painting with patina , time to start the floral fantasy decoration 

Good morning with a view . Taking coffee in front the wall , to decide how to continue the floral decoration ...

Growing well :)

Second wall .....

Final touch ! :

Finished ! 

At present I can use it as new background for the photo sessions :

I love it . 
It gives to us at home , fantasies and colors .

Jenny Eve