A work on a vintage Japanese Jacket Haori in silk.
Dated early Showa period ( 1930s/1950s )

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Terms of Sales and Shipping Informations

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The jacket is closed by ribbons made in the same flowers silk. 

I took away the kimono sleeves , to create in their place , "scarves sleeves" 

They are long , a part is opened , they are floating around the arms.

The fabric used for the sleeves and the scarf collar is an up-cycled damask silk, 
very soft to wear

I changed the shape of this Haori , making by hand-sewn pleats on the front.

I created a new neckline with a sort of collar scarf . 
As you can see on the pictures , the original neckline is at present on the back.

The Haori , which is originally worn on top of kimonos , as outside jacket , to protect them , never has the neckline close to the neck , but little on the back , on the kimonos necklines.
Which changes its shape on the body .

By moving the original neckline , I wanted to find this original way to wear the Haori .

The long sleeves can also be worn knotted or not .

When they are knotted , they remind me scarves .

It is for this reason I use the words "scarves sleeves" to describe them .

The lining side is also in silk , white cream , printed .

Due to the old age of this Haori , the lining was with some tiny damages : 
I covered them with patches ,
in the same silk and I hand-sewn them on the lining. 

It is difficult to give a specific date for the Japanese clothes . If you look on books or other information sources , the date ranges are rarely specific , but between 20 to 30 years for one dating. I have many documentations about them , I try to be the most exact I can in the dates .
I think this model can be dated from the early Showa period ( 1930s to 1950s ).

Back length approx : 34 inch // 87 cm
Front length approx : 26 inch //  66 cm
Length neckline scarf left side : 33 inch // 84 cm
Length neckline scarf right side : 39 inch // 99 cm
Width :  51.5 inch // 131 cm
From end to a sleeve to the other , when not knotted : 75 inch // 190 cm

For information , I am a small girl ;)  1,59 cm / 5'2" , size S.
For the photo session , I wear shoes 4.5" / 11 cm , to have a "standard" size !

The jacket can be worn without closing the ribbons .
You can also knot the collar scarf , to wear it differently :

Price : 440 USD ( approx 350 € ), Free worldwide shipping .
Special Price for my blog customers : 410 USD ( approx 325 € )
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Colors and Light may vary depending your screen.
Sometimes marking , irregularities or imperfect embroideries / colors , condition maybe apparent , even if I restore the fabrics before to use them .
This should not be considered as imperfection and are the characteristic of vintage materials and craft method of dyeing.

Thank you for your visit and interest in my work

Jenny Eve