Parure de cou
Piece Unique

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I worked more than 100 hours to realize this Parure de cou.

Weeks after weeks , beads found their places .

All these glass beads , turquoise , yellow , orange , deep purple (exception for the cylindrical beads used in  the tassels) are from France , the Briare region.
Dated 1930s , they were used to make Rosaries.

This area Briare , was famous in the 19th century for its production of glass and mother of pearl buttons & beads , and later the enamel for mosaics.
The beads I used for STARLINGS are the original brand Bapterosses ( created in 1845 ,producing glass buttons ) , who moved in 1850 in Briare . Bapterosses started the production of these beads in 1864 .

Due to the success of the buttons and beads , the factory grown more and more . In 1881 , Briare becomes "The City of The Beads" . Peoples from villages around worked also for the factory: in 1881 , between 9 000 to 10 000 persons worked for Bapterosses !
In 1882 they started to produce enamel for mosaics . Which continue to be produced .
The production of buttons and beads stopped early in the 1950s , because the success of the plastic , more cheap and not fragile .

The 54 cylindrical beads are also in glass , hand crafted in India , they are from an old stock 1980s/90s.

On STARLINGS , I used , approximately :
330 yellow
500 yellow
3700 turquoise
Rosaries Beads

This necklace is comfortable to wear : between the front and the lining , I use felt , to give its shape and thickness .
These 2 parts are hand-sewn together.
Closed on the neck by 2 magnetic snap fasteners

Lined with vintage Japanese printed cotton fabric , used to make the summer Kimono .
Dated 1960s.

The net , who is in wool threads knotted , was entirely embroidered with turquoise cotton threads .
After this step , the beads were hand-sewn on it .

The net is finished with wool fringes :
I threaded beads on them , to create tassels, who are finished by "balls" knotted in wool and embroidered with the turquoise cotton threads .
For the anecdote , these "balls" were the most difficult part to make !
Very hard to sew.

3 birds , are cut in a printed fabric cotton .
Then I transform them in 3D birds and embroider them with glass rosary beads deep purple , cotton threads turquoise and khaki.
They are hand-sewn on a vintage Japanese silk , from 1940s. This silk will be partially covered by the beads.

The wool net before to be embroidered and beaded :

Work in progress , hand sewing the beads :

Neck circumference : 16 inch // 41 cm
From the front neckline to the bottom tassels : 13 inch // 33 cm
Front width , laid flat : 18 inch  // 46 cm . This width , which is supple , because it is the net part , will adapt to the bust of the person who wear it .

Sometimes marking , irregularities or imperfect embroideries , condition , maybe apparent.
This should not be considered as imperfection and are the characteristic of vintage materials.
Colors and light may vary depending on your screen.

Thank you for your visit and interest in my work.

Jenny Eve